Natural Lifemanship HQ

Our Gift of Place to You

Nestled halfway between Austin and Houston in Brenham, Texas, the Natural Lifemanship Headquarters is where you rediscover home and peace of heart.  This 73 acre ranch is home to The Natural Lifemanship Institute and a mixed herd of both wild and therapeutic working horses.

We extend to you an invitation, to come, visit, and stay at the NL HomePlace Inn nestled against Old Mill Creek which splits and borders this magical space.  Sit under the wise and massive oak trees, beside a pond, or on a porch swing or hammock.  Walk the winding paths, the labyrinth, and the fairy garden.  Get your boots dirty in the barn under the soft light of antique chandeliers and twinkle lights.  

May our gift of place to you, feed your soul and give your heart what it seeks. Welcome home, my friend.

The Ranch

White fences, ponds, a winding creek, huge oak trees, hay pastures, a dreamy covered arena, and home to a herd of 14 horses, all kinds of wildlife, and the cutest little fairies you ever did see.  May you be at home here. 

The Herd

We believe that horses are capable of engaging in healthy, genuine connection, relationship, and partnership.  Our herd gently calls you into a relationship that can be profoundly deeper than words.  When you book a connection experience, you will receive support and guidance from our staff who will walk alongside you as you explore relationship principles that can seamlessly transfer to all other areas of your life.

NL HomePlace Inn

Our lovely 12 bedroom Boutique Inn is newly renovated and remodeled.  Every single room has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – like any sacred experience should.  May you find a sense of place, a sense of belonging, peace of heart, and creativity of imagination here, in this place. . . your Home Place.

The Business

The Natural Lifemanship Institute trains and certifies professionals in an approach to Equine Assisted Services based on the science of relationships.  We envision a world where connection and the value of healthy relationships is seen and felt in everything we do.  We believe we are moving toward this vision when we help people, animals, and the natural world form relationships to overcome stress and trauma.  This is our purpose and our calling, and a legacy we can build . . together.

Upcoming Events

Our workshops, trainings, and retreats provide opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Walk with us!